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First the history of my problem.
I am suppose to pick up my "new" 2005 Elise with about 11,000 mile on Monday. The owner and I took the car for a ride. He drove it pretty hard to show me what it could do and then I drove it. So maybe 20 or 30 minutes of driving total.

The car has been sitting for awhile and had very little gas, he said he had some stabilizer in the tank and we added more gas before we drove. We stopped to eat after the test drives for maybe 20 or 30 minutes.

When we came out the yellow check engine light came on. He shut the car off and started it again but the light came right back on.

He said this happened to him once a long time ago and once he reset the electrical system by disconnecting the battery the light went away and everything was fine.

My question is does resetting the electrical system like that really clear the light or if it is a real problem with the light come right back on? I don't want to buy a car with a hidden problem just because the light was reset, or is this a common Lotus experience?

What model of device you guys/gals recommend so that I can check codes in the future?:eek:


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