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Seems like a lot of value. Some expensive mods. The wheels and trailer are probably worth half the ask price.

SOLD SOLD SOLD. Selling my 97 race car. Full roll cage. Tons of engine, suspension and break upgrades. Selling with trailer. I bought it from the guy who tracked it. He died and i got it for the memories. I now realize he would have rather someone got it that would use it. My loss is someone's gain. $25k obo

Link if you do FB:

There is a video posted but I cant figure out how to save it here.

The seller did not know a lot of the mechanical details, sounds like a beast in the vid.. I think the new owner is on here, maybe he will give us details when he gets in to it. Very curious what is in the transmission/suspension and Brakes. Would of loved to take it back to more of a street car with occasional track. The roll cage looks awesome.

Couple pics

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Land vehicle
Tire Car Vehicle Wheel Hood
Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Window
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