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Check this driving/foglights I got for .99 cents

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I got these dual fog/driving lights for only .99 cents. I went to this junk store with my wife and they had a box of these lights, they seem as though they are the exact same size as the hella lights that were in my car originally. Im not certain what bulb fits in them yet though, can anyone tell from the photos? Its a square opening with one screw that holds it.

They appear to be high quality, the lens is actually glass, when you handle them they are much better made that the photos make them appear. They do not appear to use a rear housing though, they mount using a screw with a lip on the outer edge, im sure I can fabricate something though. My original lights did not match and I could not find a replacement so I put in some aftermarkets. I may try to install these some day when im bored and need a project.


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Is there a part number in them? They do look pretty good.

The Hellas have two pieces - the light/reflector assembly and the metal or plastic rear housing. FYI for your 88, forum member
'BC 11' installed currently available Hella 450s with minimal tweaking - scroll down to last post - this link has detailed info on the OEM 88 fog light:

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No part number, brand or marking on them. The store had a box with about 40 of them loose in it, I think im the only one that bought any. They gave me this look like "holy ****, someone wants some of those".
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