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Crazy Euro Car Boy Meets DeLorean for First Time - dream cruise - Jalopnik

Cheeky DeLorean comment posted by FTGDMissesTheCruise

Basically this is the car for you if you like a girl with French armpits, British teeth, Italian fashion style, Colombian snorting habits, a Northern Irish accent and an American parent.

very cheeky comment...
But all the haters can thank John D for saving Lotus in their darkest hour. Lotus taking on the job of engineering the Delorean automobile from the prototype provided the much needed funds that Lotus so desparately needed at the time to stay afloat. Unfortunately Lotus cut too many corners to bring the car to market in the absourdly short amount of time they had promised (Wiring harness a guage too small, poor battery location under the relays and fuse box, etc etc) and helped to put a nail in the coffin of the car and the company, which good ole Maggie T finished nailing closed.

The original concept was way ahead of its time but was the classic case of wrong place and wrong time and a guy who was used to working with unlimited funds to get a project done. The final car that was created was nothing close to the original concept (minus the obvious stainless steel and gullwing doors) which is a shame.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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