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Let me jump to he summary: Yawn.

....And I can usually find lots of interesting things at Autoshows no matter how large or small, but the enthusiasm was just not there. And speaking of not there.....WHERE WAS the promised EVORA ? The Lotus/Lambo display was there, but no one representing the cars was. And ALL the Lambos were apparently in stealth mode (see pix). The Lotus' were 'open'..but not--- the doors were unlocked, but the Alarms were set and were triggered by more than one member of the media (not me, thankfully). The most interesting 'Lotus' bit turned out to be the Dodge circuit.

As a car guy, I hesitate to say 'skip it', but think hard before plunking down $10 admission (and $17 to park)....there were no EYE popping concept cars, and most of the 'new' intros focused on 'Green' --- LEV/High Fuel econ/Hybrids, etc.
Porsche didn't bother to show up at all, and BMW also toned it down a bit.

I'll be posting a video tour of the show later tonight on my own site ---a fast walk/hot lap around the show ---covers the whole thing in about 3 1/2 minutes (you can hear me huffing/puffing at the end--I need to add cardio to my workout:-(

john m /ML1 media


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