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Chicago impromptu drive?

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So, I just ordered some thai food for lunch, after I'm done eating, I'm gonna take the top off the elise and go for a drive. Anyone interested? I don't even know where to go, am at damen and division. May head to lake shore, check out buckingham fountain, but would rather find some decent roads...
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Thanks....but my car is down. Lost the power steering and hydraulic clutch driving back from Tail of the Dragon.
At least it happened on the way back from the dragon! You don't take your FJ out just for fun? ;)
buckingham area is fooked for blues fest this weekend
oh yeah! good call on that. It's too late for the drive anyway, will wait until after rush hour and then head south. I have to go to evergreen park for a wake. At least I'll enjoy the drive there and back.
Just saw this, would have been fun. Have to meet up some other time, and include thai food in the trip!
We must be neighbors... I'm just North of Damen and Division, on Potomac. Let me know when you want to go for a cruise.
Yeah, I'm on Hoyne and Haddon... Now there's gonna be two GG Elise's patrolling the 'hood.
I just got my '06 Sport Elise home. It will "usually" live out in Geneva, but for now it's right near Paulina and Wabansia. Lots of us over this way it appears.
Yeah, I'm on Hoyne and Haddon... Now there's gonna be two GG Elise's patrolling the 'hood.
When I first picked up my car, I thought that GG was one of the more rare colors.... Then I see one parked on Clybourn on Saturday and find out there is another right on the same block as me. haha So much for that. I still love the color anyway.

Meat, is the aspen white from you gallery yours?? Gorgeous car!
I have the yellow S1 Exige in the picture and just bought a '06 Sport Elise last weekend.
Consider me on the list of people here interested in drives and get-togethers. :up:
Please ad me to the list. Im always up for a drive.

Still lookng for some great local drives. I have a nice little loop I do around the Palos Woods area, buts it too short.
Still looking for some great local drives.
Tough to come by in a state with landscape nearly devoid of features. The drive from my house directly north to Lake Geneva through uncongested farmland is nice. And, the drive around Lake Geneva is very nice - especially if you are aware of a couple key roads.

I have led a LotusTalk group from my place before and plan to organize another in September. However, I am game to do this, even last minute, if we have takers.
Moto44, are you on CLSB also?
Yes! But you will note that I'm not very active on Chicagoland Sportbikes.
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