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I tried one of the SpecRacers at Norway ( yesterday and they were more fun that I thought! They are faster than the rental karts and they do get loose. And they are actually faster than I thought. They were keeping up with or faster than Junior Sportsman 2 stroke karts.

I think JetKarting has picked a good tire (MG Blues) to go with the chassis to provide an good driving experience and longevity. They have 4 stroke engines like the CIR karts (althought they aren't made by Honda), beefy chains and tires that last all season. Overall it looks to be a very reliable and durable package.

For around $1700, I don't think you could find a more economical package to go racing (maybe even considering indoor karting). And the best part is that there are already 10 guys racing in that class. So basically for $1700 + Fuel + Entries, one could race an entire season. No rebuilds. No tires. No mixing fuel. It would be like owning your own CIR kart and showing up and running it anytime you want. If you can't afford HPV or TAG or just want to try outdoor karting first without a large investment, this would definitely be the way to go. There is no cheaper way to go wheel to wheel racing on your equipment that you actually own that I can think of. JetKarting is also doing a special deal now where you can rent a rental Birel kart and Spec Racer for $55 total.
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