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Hey everyone,

Just a quick Chimera-related update. As you all know, Thomas usually handles these but between Chimera, RLS, and "real life," he is swamped! :D

After about 7 months of long term testing, we are proud to say (officially) that the current Chimera "Competition Battery System" and "Race Battery System" can be installed and will work to our standards on the Lotus Evora!


Now, we know that a handful of owners have already put the batteries on their Evoras, and that is fine. We were 99% sure that it would work.

It's just that, because of the length of our warranty, we wanted to be 100% sure before we made the battery officially available for the Evora. :cool:

In case you want to refresh yourselves on the Chimera battery systems (and what makes them so unique), you can look at the thread for the CBS here:

You can also look at the launch thread for the RBS here:

And here is the beauty:

If you're looking for reviews of the systems, they're everywhere! I can link to them later and I'm sure people will post them in here :up:

As always, Thomas and I are here to answer any of your questions.

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