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This was the car that sparked me in looking into an Elise again, he has it for sale on I actually found this website because of that car and I'm glad I did , I would have never known about all the issues with the rebuilt cars and the clam damage and so on. He lowered the price to 21.5 and it really has me wanting to buy it. I posted and asked about pics of the damage and what the issues were with it but he never responded to me. I also asked for a vin (so I could post it here) with no responce. He lives in Fla and he also has a yellow turbo charged one as well.
Here's the link that I was going to buy it from.
2005 Lotus Elise Chrome Orange $22.5K CHEAP! - Honda-Tech
When I asked about the issues with the paint because I saw the red in the rear 1/4 he told me to look at the pics for damage and he wouldn't specificly answer me. I got a real bad vibe from that.
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