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Chrome Orange - Get on the Official List

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Alright, the Chrome Orange campaign officially kicks off. We are trying to get together a list of people who would like to see Chrome Orange as a color choice for the US Elise. I will be canvasing boards to solicit those who are interested. The list will be given to Clyde so that he can work inside Lotus to hopefully make this a reality.

So, if you are interested in Chrome Orange please email me privately at [email protected] with the following info:

1. Full Name
2. Dealer you have a deposit down with
3. Your waiting list number
4. Whether you will "definitely" order C.O. or if you are "possibly" interested in C.O.



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email sent. :)
How many you got so far Steve?
I've got about 20 (just going through my email from the weekend) with about have definitely. I think we're going to need about 100. The trick is to canvas people who have a deposit down, but don't visit the message boards.

As the car gets some attention (US car mags) we should get some more traffic.
That should read "half definitely" Monday morning sucks!
Based on the number of active people I see on the internet regarding the Elise, that seems like a good high percentage number.
Thanks to Clyde at LCUSA.....he spoke to Arnie and Lotus will offer Chrome Orange as a $500 option.

Thanks to all who sent me their info and thanks to Clyde for being so tenacious on this one!

Go Chrome Orange!!!:D :D :D
OMG That's soooo Awesome. I love this company already!!! How about some more links to chrome orange Loti.
This is the best link I have. There are more pictures on this site of a Chrome Orange Esprit. The picture has a red car,trees and grass to help gauge the colour. You'll need to paste the link yourself.
Wow, nice color. I see what all the fuss is about.
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