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Chrome Orange Paint Code Questions

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I got a few questions regarding the Chrome Orange Paint codes and paint process.

Yes, I've seen

But I've also seen a comment like:
B25 Chrome Orange (Base) Dupont F0262 F7504 A082B6338F
Chrome Orange (Pearl) Dupont HE01 F7504

From what I understand has been taken from
Group Lotus PLC ®

Unfortunately that document can no longer be downloaded.

I'm not quite sure what the different codes mean or how the Chrome Orange Base and Pearl relate.
I assume this means first the Base is applied and then the Pearl?

How would that relate to the lotus paint process I saw in ?:
Primer – 110 - 140 microns, 2 coats baked at 80 deg C for 40 mins
Paint – 20 - 25 microns, 2 coats baked at 80 deg C for 80 mins
Lacquer (inc. metallic for lifestyle colors) – 50 – 70 microns, 2 coats baked at 80 deg C for 40 mins.

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