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Hi Every one.

I hope this is the proper place to post this:

Check this out!
I have just found one of those old Diecast models of the 1/18 Scale lotus Elise GT1. I can remember Playing "Need For speed II" on my PC with this car.
I really enjoyed that game allot!

It appears to be made by A Die-cast manufacturer "CHRONO"
CHRONO 1:18 BLACK 1997 LOTUS ELISE GT1 PRESENTATION CAR - eBay (item 200333609595 end time May-05-09 18:39:16 PDT)

Does any one know of this Model?
Any one know if the real GT1 still Exists?

I see that AutoArt Who Makes really nice top Quality Die-cast cars has A 1/43 scale Model of the road Version. Any one know if they will do a 1/18 scale version?

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