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I installed the BOE hinge and battery relo a few weeks ago. I had clam damage from a battery that broke loose. I did the hinge install to fix the battery issue and save some hours (money) on the remove / install of the clam at the body shop.

My side vents had been modified by previous owner - now mesh. I had issues with the clam fitting around the vent's rubber gaskets when closing. I played with it for about an hour and figured I'd sort it out later after the clam repairs were complete.

Don't know if the mods caused my issues or not, but bought some Exige scoops from another member to resolve the issue. Going to try to build mounts for them myself and see how it goes. If it doesn't work out, RLS is a couple clicks away.

The other problem I had was with the battery relo. The battery goes where the charcoal canister is - at least where it was on my car with the supercharger. The directions for the hinge install did not cover how to eliminate the canister and there is no way to relocate it.

I tried searching the forum and most references were not detailed enough for me to feel comfortable doing what was covered. I plan on calling BOE to see if canister removal is covered in a different install guide.
The charcoal canister delete is really easy. Just read through the BOE Rev install instructions (available on their site) for that part. They cover it quite well. I did this a few weeks ago and it worked great.
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