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Clam replacement timeframe & procedure?

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Just discovered my clam is defective and Lotus is warrantying it.

For those of you who have had a clam replacement, what is the typical turnaround for this type of procedure?

How long will I be without my vehicle?

Do they have to ship the old clam back before they will send a new one?

I am grateful for any insight.

I brought my car in for a gas smell putting me to sleep, an antifreeze smell when it heats up, the HVAC now intermittently working, new tires, and a Star Shield warranty but have only heard from the dealer that the front clam will need to be replaced. They told me Lotus will replace the Star Shield and such as well, but nothing else.
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First off, why is the clam defective? Why is it being replaced?

I've had my front clam replaced twice. It really depends on the body shop taking care of it....I don't know what the dealer turn around time is, but I imagine it's slower than a body shop.
My turn around was less than 2 weeks....all they really have to do is take the old one off, and replace the new one. Painting it and blending it is probably the rate-limiting step. Starshield should take a few hours.

Did you ever figure out what that gas smell was?

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My front clam is defective according to Lotus. It's something seen on mostly darker colored cars.

There is a piece glued to the bottom of the clam to hold in the front headlights and the glue has eaten the fiberglass away to the point of rippling it. We thought it was an issue with the Star Shield, however, it isn't.

After Andy contacted Lotus, they immediately recognized the issue, told him what is wrong, and are planning on sending a new front clam out this way. They'll be replacing the Star Shield too when the new clam gets painted.

Still waiting for the synopsis on the gas smell and the antifreeze smell as well as a few other things.

So did Lotus ship your new clam to the dealer? How long did it take to get to you? I don't really care how long it takes to get here and get painted... I am figuring at least a month for that. Then to R&R, I would think another 2 days.

Does Lotus require my old clam back before shipping a new one out?
I'm not sure how long the dealer body shop, SCC, took care of it, and they are quick.

I had gas smell, and it turned out to be the fuel housing seal that was bad - so vapors were leaking...pretty easy fix.
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