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Cleaning/Detail Questions

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Hello everyone. Hope you all had a terrific Christmas!

So I have the Leatherique for cleaning/restoring the leather - really the seats are just a little dirty so no biggie. But, as I take inventory of all the things that need attention, I'm seeing this rather heavy coating of grime on the undercarriage. It's pretty thick. I understand that Simple Green has some rather nasty results on some of the metal components.

1) I'm wondering what you all are using to get all of this crud off? Something as effective as brake fluid without the loss of paint perhaps.

2) Also, anyone in the AL/GA area that can recommend wheel scrape repair/buffing as well as fiberglass work? I have a few areas that are spidering and the roof panel has marks that need rectifying.

3) Is there such a thing as maintenance videos of folks that have done things to their Esprit?

4) Still trying to hunt down a Service Notes manual for my 93.5 Esprit Turbo. I found one on eBay, but it was from a guy in the UK that said local shipping only. If anyone has a bead on this, I'd be extremely grateful.
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Thanks for the feedback all.
Thanks David. It's a great site. Been there before for other cars' care but Lotus-specific stuff has me asking the pros here, at least for some stuff. I'm quite paranoid with this car because I want it so perfect which causes me to be so overly cautious sometimes that I'm afraid to make a move.
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