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I have a 2006 Lotus Elise with 49k miles.

I just installed the LSS suspension to the track pack suspension. I changed my front tires from 195's to 205's (I installed the rims, tire place didn't touch the car). I'm running on LSS rims.

When I am making a left turn (and the steering wheel is set to ~30 degrees), my left wheel clicks once per revolution. If my steering angle increases, the click gets louder. The click can be heard driving very slowly (like 2mph) and faster. No clicks driving straight (regardless of speed or road smoothness) and no clicks turning right. Prior to suspension/tire change, no clicks or noises. Just to be clear, it's not the act of turning the steering wheel that makes the click, it's the sustained rotation of the vehicle that induces a clicking sound. Clicking sound varies with speed. Intensity of clicking increases with increasing rate of turning.

I checked to see if anything is hitting the wheel or spokes....found nothing.

Anybody have any issues switching from LSS to track pack with the symptoms I have? Any ideas?

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