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Introduction, Pete Groh, Ellicott City MD USA (KeyGuy) See the following information provided by Chris.
I have exchange e-mail with Chris who has posted information on a closed British car shop. I also talk to Howard by phone who is from the UK by phone on Tuesday. He adivse me that there are some Lotus part in the lot of parts. He has a Jag XKE himself. He state also some Jag XJ6 parts.
He did tell me that other Foreign parts are in the lot. I am also sending Chis a copy of this e-mail. I myself plan to pass on the information to other British car list on the open house. I plan on going to the shop on Saturday if weather is clear. Will take some more pictures and put in a slide show.
Best regards Pete Groh, (KeyGuy) Ellicott City, MD USA

e-mail for Chris - [email protected]

Antique British Cars,Parts, Cars, Memorabilia Hot Air Balloons For
> > Sale March 15th, 2008
> > 10 AM to 3 PM
> > Ragge & Willow
> > First and Lincoln Street P.O. Box 370Bovard, Pennsylvania 15619

> We would
> like to invite you to an open house to view a liquidation of>
> British cars, a parts department full of items for antique>
> automotive memorabilia, hot air balloons, and other antiques. >
> John Addison had the Pit Stop foreign car repair service for
> 30> years in Greensburg , PA 15601 John also maintained Ragge
> Willow> , a hot air balloon> business, doing both private
flights and
> corporate advertising. > In the last 10 years he moved the
> to Bovard , PA , just> outside Greensburg . > John passed
away in
> late 2007, and his estate is being evaluated for> future sale
> large lots. > We would like to generate some interest in the
cars and
> parts, and that> is the purpose for this email. > We would
like to
> have an open house in March 2008, at which time you> can view
all of
> the contents of the warehouse and take photographs. We> will
> begin accepting bids for the items. > If you would like to be
> included, you can call or email for the time> and date of the
> house.> Thank you for your attention.> Chris Giron
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