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Friday August 29th(the friday before labor day) will be Club Lotus Northwest only track day of the year. Come support your local NW Lotus club at Portland International Raceway in Portland Oregon! :clap:

Mark Viskov, our track day coordinator runs an amazing track day with lots of track time, often getting in 5-7 sessions per run group.
We offer Intermediate, Advanced and Race Car(with licensing) run groups. No novice group available and no instructors will be available so you must have prior experience.

We have consistanly been rated as one of the best track days in Portland some come out and have some fun, and if you don't want to drive, I am always open to taking people for rides in my Lotus, just look for the blue tent, Oregon folding chairs and laser blue Elise and ask for Travis.

Motorsportsreg link available soon :shift:

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If everything works out the way it is planned then me and my car will be back in PDX in time to join you guys :D
I joined the CLNW track days before and I can say that this is by the most fun and relaxed track group where you get by far the most track time compared to others:up:
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