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Club111 Meet

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Hey Folks,

I have been honored with the position of Northeast Regional Coordinator for Club111. If any of you are currently members or intend on joining by summers end, please contact me, on this thread or by PM so we can start to schedule regional events/activities. I'm open to ideas and suggestions so let them fly. Anyone up for a road trip to LOG?
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somehow they let me in....
Congrats wallabyguy! :clap:

My check is in the mail.

How about a meet at Kart Trak or F1 Boston or both (but not at the same time!!! :D ) Since most of us won't have our cars before 2005 this would be a great way to meet and race!

If I live long enough to see my Elise, I'll join. Steve

p.s Good idea Mikey, I'd be up for that!
I was on the fence about joining, as I wasn't sure there'd be enough of us around here to populate the group - but heck - this seems like a good start. Count me in for the karting (and out for the road trip).
Well Guys, it seems that karting is in. When should we plan to do it and where? I heard Boston as a suggestion. Our region covers all of New England down through Pennsylvania. I have no problem with Boston but we need to make sure as we plan events that they are spread around the region to make them more accessable (sp).

What kind of other events should we plan for? Should they be day events only? When is everybody expecting their cars?

I'd also like a count of the number of people who whould have been interested in a LOG road trip. If you want to just PM me that's fine.
I was told on the 18th by my dealer that it was on the line being built, so hopefully just a few weeks now...
As many of you know, My car is due somewhere between the last week of July and the middle of August.

BTW, it doesn't matter if you have your cars for the events. You will be welcome to come regardless. I'd just like an idea so I can plan.
wallabyguy and gang,

Boston is fine with me. Kart Trak is just north of Hartford, CT off I-91 if that helps. F1 Boston has a resturant attached to the track where Kart Trak doesn't. I don't know if that makes a difference to anyone.

As for event lengthof event, a "most of" to an "all day" event is fine by me. As long as I have enough notice to clear my calendar I'm fine.

I'd love to go to the LOG this year but I can't swing it. Plus I'd feel really out of place in my Kia Sorrento.:huh: :confused:

At the moment I'm expecting my car in the Jan/Feb 05 range:( but with all the dealys and such, who knows. :confused:

Hey Steve - How are you?

Thoughts/ other ideas?:confused: :clap: :D ;)
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I've requested info from Boston F1. The site sure looks good. The rates seem resonable and as mentioned by Vangman, it has a restaurant.

Any other ideas?
F1Boston also has an outdoor facility now, somewhere in Western Mass (if memory serves). The indoor tracks are quite short (20-30 sec laps), but for certain events they link the two together for longer lapping sessions. I've heard that the outdoor track allows a bit more racing room than the indoor tracks. The indoor facility also has a few pool tables and a bar (which you can only enjoy after your track session, naturally).

I'd be fine with meets in CT, MA, RI or Westchester County - those are all day-trippable from the Boston area.

As for delivery? Who really knows? It has supposedly been built and my dealer has suggested that it might be among the first shipment, but until I fire it up and drive it away, I won't get my hopes up. . . :crazyeyes

Not to be a PITA but can we not schedule anything between 7/23 and 8/9 as I'll be away and I can't change my plans. I hope that isn't a problem.:cool:

For those that have not been, F1Boston is a great facility. The best way to do it is to get a group together and rent the track for an hour. You need a certain critical mass of people to make it work financially, I seem to remember 10 but I'm a little hazy. I can get 3-4 guys easily if we need more people. Am willing to look into this further if anyone is interested. Let's see if we can get them to link the tracks together, I know they do it but have never seen them linked.

Unfortunately, I'm out for LOA. Montreal and Indy back to back this year pretty much wiped out my "personal" vacation time ... have to have one with the family this summer!

I'm # 8 at Valenti in CT. Supposed build date of Sept ... we'll see. Maybe they'll surprise me and call today (yea, right ...)

So everyone is on the same level here, I think short or maybe the trip to LOG (which looks to have very little interest from those in the NE so far), I was thinking at maybe September or October for our first meeting. I would need to reserve space a facility and it wouldn't hurt if a few of us had our cars, but again not a requirement. Does this seem right or should we be planning something sooner?
Sounds good to me! I think it would be great to get everyone together for an informal meet and greet. Then, when all our cars arrive (okay, most of our cars {scratch that, some of our cars arrive :confused:}) we can have a more formal get together/ car show.:clap:

PS - Wallabyguy, thanks for your comments.:bow:
The outdoor F1 is in Bridgewater MA. If possible that is the way to go. The track is a lot more fun. Many clubs actually have events there. The parking lot always has a great stable of cars. You could count me in.
Guys and Gals,

I'm still waiting on info from these karting facilities. If I don't have anything by the 4th, I'll recontact them.

Sorry for the delay,

ivan1 said:
I was told on the 18th by my dealer that it was on the line being built, so hopefully just a few weeks now...
What spot were you in the queue?
Another possible event just occurred to me. Mark Starr suggested a while back that we get our own run group with one of the regional time trial clubs (either SCDA or COMSCC) for Lime Rock. Let me find the link; but this is something we could try to coordinate through Club 111 perhaps.


Here's the link to Mark's original post.

Basically, it's a Lotus Run Group on November 5th (a Friday) at Lime Rock with SCDA. The cost is $255 (which is a bit higher than some other clubs or SCCA testing days). Even if 111 doesn't do anything "official," I thought y'all might be interested in the event.
I sent a email to Mark to ask him about the event and how we could participate. Good Idea guys!
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