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Hey guys,

I was hesitant to ask because I'm taking my car into the shop in a few weeks but I thought I'd get opinions from people with more experience with drive trains. My car is a 2013 N/A IPS and has nothing done to the transmission or engine in terms of modification. No cold air intake, no tune, just factory software updates and regular fluid changes per the manual. The car has about 33,000 miles and has not had the transmission fluid flushed yet. That'll be done in a few weeks.

Lately, I've been getting a clunk when shifting. This has been noticed both with up-shifting and downshifting, but only when the car is not under power. If I'm giving it full power and up-shift, the shift is smooth. Most of the time when downshifting the transition is smooth as well, especially when the car blips the throttle to RPM match the engine to the transmission. When coming to a stop, it almost never throttle blips between 3rd to 2nd, so this clunk is most notable at this transition.

At first, I was thinking this might be a transmission issue with the way it was shifting between gears. Then, I was thinking it might just be some sort of programming issue between when the car shifts and the engine speed. Latest thought is that something is worn out in a joint or a spline.

The clunk is auditory and physically felt. When braking (like in the video), it feels like I momentarily stab the brakes when the clunk occurs. But the clunk sends a bit of a shock throughout the car whenever it happens (like when giving a good amount of throttle through 2nd gear, then letting off and making the car shift to 3rd).

I'm thinking this is likely a bad CV joint at this point. This would be a much better scenario than something going bad inside the transmission, but still not cheap to replace at the dealer. What's everyone else's thoughts? Is there anything I should be looking for to test one theory or another? (My big limitation is that I live in an apartment that has a small garage without the ability to really work on the car)

Video attached below (the click at the very end is the button on my phone being pressed to stop the video)

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