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Hello, I want to replace my clutch, throw out bearing, pressure plate, and pilot bearing along with the front seal on my 1983 esprit transmission, also if anyone knows of a side yoke seals and general gasket kit, the information would be most helpful, a vendor, and if you recall a price, is the information I'm looking for, please include your experiance with quality, I'm looking for a standard replacement, I’m not looking for a race setup, I looked a PUK, but would rather buy a lotus oem parts or a good high quality replacement, thanks to all that respond - Tom

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The clutch disc was less than $200 last year when I bought one. The only gaskets are the paper ones on the output shaft housings...JAE sells them as a kit along with the o-rings on the release bearing guide tube, less than $20. Otherwise, you seal the trans with transmission RTV or other sealer, available locally.

The throwout bearing is a pricey piece. Mine was OK.

I upgraded to the ball-bearing pilot bearing, less than $20 IIRC, but this requires crankshaft removal and machining.

There are several of Tim Engel's well-written articles on Citroen transmission repair in the TurboEsprit files section of Yahoo Groups.

Don't forget to buy a HD input shaft circlip and nylon washer.

I recommend replacing the crownwheel support bearings as well, just as G.P.
JAE provides quality Timken bearings, BTW, not the Lotus OEM "Made in Poland" bearings that are prone to failure.

BTW, if you are not in the USA, Harry Maartens in the Netherlands sells everything you need for the transmission, as well.

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I rebuilt my gearbox due to case leaks, and replaced a lot of clutch parts last winter. I found parts from all over as time was not a factor since, well in all honesty, I don't really need to drive the car, although, I absolutely hate having a half finished project for about a month and a half. I bought all factory parts except the input shaft and pilot bearing, those were aftermarket. was my savior by having the input shaft in stock and I live 70 miles from there as it was the last part I needed. I about fell over when I saw it on the website as a special, and it was the updated version that is more beefier. I flushed out the old grease and repacked the clutch release bearing, it took a lot of grease due to its size and odd shape, but it showed little wear as the previous owner replaced it when he incorrectly installed the last clutch without the input shaft spring.
Had I just needed a clutch, that would have been much less work, but it is worth the wait to get the flywheel resurfaced if it looks badly scored.

Clutch disc $50 (Ebay)
Pressure plate $75 (Ebay)
Input Shaft $200 On special I think (
Flywheel resurface $45 (local machine shop)
Misc. Seals, clips & springs $175 (JAE)
Pilot bearing $20 (Bearing company on the net)
CV Joint Boots $30 (Ebay)
That specific gearbox lube everyone on here rants and raves about for the Citroen (forgot the brand but use it you wont regret it, I bet someone chimes in with the brand, 3 qts) $55 (Ebay)
New bolts to secure the Turbo to the flange $4 (True Value Hardware)
Anaerobic gasket maker $6 (CARQUEST Auto Parts)

This project was a priceless experience, answered a lot of questions as to why my car shifted crappy and made all the difference in the world in how much I enjoy driving the car.
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