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Success! I saved $200 by programming my own extra key fob. You do not know how happy this makes me feel! Saving money is how I can afford cool cars and keep my mind stimulated.

Thank you for all the help from:

How to program a key fob

contributors and Golden Gate Lotus Club members.

I have further distilled down the instructions into easy steps:
NOTE: This is for programming two (2) separate fobs

obtain your PIN from either your local dealer or the factory. They have been very generous in providing me with this information and confirmation.

start with key in ignition in off position.

1. Have one cobra fob in your hand. Give the second fob to someone standing by the driver's window

2. At the same time have you and your friend push both the big and small buttons at the same time until the light goes out.

3. Release both buttons simultaneously when the light goes out. The fob light should be solid red on both remotes.

4. Turn ignition on and off three (3) times with key. Try not to go to the position that removes the key (most towards you) or the position furthest from you (as if you are starting the car without a start button).

5. Oval telltale light should stay illuminated red for three (3) seconds

6. Immediately switch car on and count the flashes that correspond to the first number of your four digit PIN; i.e. if your first digit is 5 let the tell tale flash five times. switch off before the fifth blink goes away.

(Letting the blink go away completely after the light goes off but before the next blink can probably work as well but I did not try it.)

7. Repeat for each of the three remaining digits of the alarm PIN. switch car back on, count flashes/blinks shut off when the number of blinks matches the digit of the code.

8. After last digit of the PIN is entered, key will be in off position. TURN KEY TO ON AGAIN. PLEASE NOTE STEPS 8-13 are OMITTED from the owner's manual! Pinche Cabron!

9. If the PIN is correct, the telltale with light solid red.

10. Press the big button on the black cobra key fob and the telltale light on the instrument cluster will go off then on solid red again. This confirms successful programming of this individual fob.

11. Have your friend press the big button on the second black cobra key fob while the telltale light is solid red. You will see the tell tale go off then go on again as confirmation of programming.

12. if you have more than two cobra key fobs you will need more hands or be very quick to repeat steps 10 and 11, watching carefully for the solid light to go off then on again in confirmation of successful fob programming.

13. Remove the key from the ignition and then test each key fob. Congratulations.

14. Feel free to mail me $200. I take bitcoin, paypal, or cash in hand. Just kidding. Anyone in the SF bay area/silicon valley need help I can probably help you out.

Please note if you fail to push the big button on the fob that was originally working during reprogramming, it will no longer work. That is why I suggest you use two people for two fobs. If you are quick and diligent enough this is likely a one person job however.

I would highly suggest writing this list out manually how you interpret it and then practicing with dry runs to develop muscle memory. Also, I suggest transcendental meditation to ignore the beeping that can throw your flash count off (they are not synchronized).

Good luck everyone!
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