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Ok, so I invented this recipe tonight (or reinvented it if someone else has done it before). I'm not much of a cook. I'm 100% self-taught. I've never read a cookbook or anything. I just mix stuff that seems like it will taste good to me. :) You've been warned! So here it is:

2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
2 tbsp coconut oil (or substitute olive oil)
4 oz coconut milk (approx.)
1 can of artichoke hearts in water (not the marinated kind!)
2 tsp flour
2 tsp curry
2 pinches black pepper
2 pinches garlic powder
  1. Cook the Chicken: Turn your stove to medium. Melt the oil in the pan. Add the chicken breasts to the oil and cook them for a minute or so on each side. Then add about 2 oz. of coconut oil and the curry powder and let the breasts simmer in that mixture for a bit. Put the breasts aside once they're cooked throughout
  2. Make the Sauce: Add the rest of the coconut milk to the pan. Then, open the can of artichoke hearts and pour half of the water from it into the pan. Reduce the mixture for a couple minutes. It won't get very thick, but do your best. Pour the reduced mixture into a bowl, add some flour to thicken it further, and mix it well.
  3. Brown the Chicken: Add a drop more of oil to the pan and throw the breasts back in on med-high. Season the breasts with the pepper and garlic and brown them to your liking. Place the chicken on your plates and pour the sauce over it.
  4. Cook the Artichokes: Pour the rest of the contents of the artichoke hearts can into the pan. Simmer the artichoke hearts in their own juice until they are nice and tender. Then add them to the chicken and coconut curry sauce.
    You can do this whole thing in one pan in about 10-15 minutes. And it's YUMMY !!! I was just experimenting tonight, and it came to me. Someone else try it and let me know how you like it! :D

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Hi Steve -

Sounds pretty good ( I assume that the final product tasted good, otherwise you wouldn't bother posting it;) ). I've been cooking for a long time, taken some classes, watched loads of cooking shows and read lots of cookbooks etc., and have some suggestions (along the lines of "how I would do that"), if you're interested. Let me know and I'll share these.

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