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anyone ever had code po139 pop up? just got my car 3 days ago, it is a 06 elise with 5500 miles when bought as of today it has 6300.Car has sport pack with stage 2 exhaust. also under warranty. anyways this morning when i cranked the car the check engine light came on. i did a scan and got code po139 with an odb2 scanner, which reads:
Definition: ho2s 12 circuit condition( heated oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 2.
Explanation: the powertrain control module uses the oxygen sensor to calculate the air fuel ratio in the exhaust.
Probable causes:
1.Oxygen sensor defective
2.Fuel system running very rich or lean
3.Engine misfire condition-repair
4.Fuel pressure very high or very low-fuel pump or pressure regulator

so my question is, has any one else ever experienced this code and what was the problem. also with what i have described is it going to be take the drive into the car to lotus of atl ( which is about 45 minutes away.) should this be covered under warrenty? thanks in advance for the help.
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