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Color choice

Color choice has to be the toughest! Whatever you pick, you have to live with, and, unlike most cars, you likely didn't get the chance to really see one that color live. So you have to judge by pictures, which are unreliable, since the real thing looks different.

On the good side, whatever you get will look at least good!

I worked it backwards to eliminate the ones I didn't like. Ardent Red looked good on the Elise I saw at the Pittsburgh Show, but red isn't my taste and attracts undesirable attention, i.e., from cops. Likewise with yellow, and some cars look too toylike for me, though it might look great real.

I don't like blue, so that eliminates three options. Silver? Too common. Storm Titanium or Graphite Grey? Interesting, but too subdued for the Elise's beautiful lines. I've got an Envy Green (rather light and a bit toward yellow) VibeGT, so forget Krypton as it would clash badly.

Black? Never. Too hard to deal with. I could never really appreciate a Purple car. Orange is interesting, but too loud. I'd love to see one, but not own it.

So that leaves three options, which alternate periodically in my thoughts. I've always appreciated British Racing Green on sports cars. Bordeaux Red must look really classy live. Both the dark colors probably look more serious than the other option, Aztec Bronze, which, on the plus side, would be rather unique as it doesn't seem too popular.

But on the down side, every other car that drives by is dark red in color. The Racing Green in pictures subdues the car's features and just doesn't look as dark and rich as other BRG colors I've seen, if you can judge by pics. And the Bronze might look silly in real life. But it might look great.

Generally, I think the dark colors subdue the details -- curves and lines -- while looking more serious and substantial and emphasizing the whole look of the car. The light colors highlight those details and bring focus on the contrast with the black louvers on the side and front "hood" area.

I'm hoping I can see some of these if they arrive before I have to make my order. It will be a tough choice otherwise, and likely just be how I feel right at that moment when I have to make the call.
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