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Color Comparison

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I picked up a copy of the Elise color chart yesterday. I don't remember anyone taking a picture of it outside, in the sun. So I thought I would make one available. With the Yellows and oranges being discussed I though I would do a couple of things. Firstly my Boxster is Speed Yellow, so I laid the chart against it for comparison. Second, I added a copy of the yellow pages too! Not sure it helped but it stopped the chart blowing away :)

You can see that Saffron Yellow IS more orange the Porsches speed yellow.
I tried to get the sun to make the metallics to sparkle.
I have several 3Mpix photos in the same directory showing all the colors on the chart.
I hope this helps people choose. This is a lower resolution pic. The higher ones can be found here.
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what kind of depth is there to the CO on the chart? my guess is that it's a color that can't be represented very well on a small chip. The metallics look very sparkly, good for the silvers.
Wow, nice pictures. The closeups really seem to show the colors well.
Great idea, adamant!

Request: can you post the interior (trim) colors, as well?

Thomasio said:

Request: can you post the interior (trim) colors, as well?

the little rectangles on the color chart are pretty much useless for the interior colors--extremely poor representation. The pics posted of the LA cars give a much better representation.

(I went to the LA show and I have a colour chart)
i matched the green up when the car was here in fl and they were very very very close.
Thanks for the pics. Does anyone know where the saffron car from the LA show is now? It would be great to see a pic of the color chip next to the car to see if the chip is accurate. It just looks more orange than any pics I have seen of the car in saffron...
I would assume Clyde is driving the yellow Elise that was at the LA auto show??
I got a color chart in the mail and have decided I rather like Storm Titanium....however I've already placed my orders a few months ago.

I know I want the RED car...I guess the yellow will have to stay, but damn, storm ti looks schweet IMHO.
Saying that the interior colors are poor is an understatement! They are completely useless. Black looks like a light green, the red has a closer resemblance to coffee beans ;) That's why I didn't bother.
Great idea and nice baseline with the Boxster. CO doesn't come out to well here does it? It look a bit peequish :)
Storm Ti looks like one of those metal nail files, like the one in a swiss army knife. So much texture.
Yeah, CO looks a little more flat and Orange than I think it will on a whole car. When I look at Speed Yellow close it has a murky greenish tinge. The whole car looks great though.
Is it possible to get Yellow with Biscuit Leather? Black just seems so boring . . . unless I get the basic package and go aftermarket for seats (yellow and black sport seats I guess).

PS: How much yellow is on the INSIDE of the yellow elise. i.e. just the doors, or other items too?

PS: How much yellow is on the INSIDE of the yellow elise. i.e. just the doors, or other items too? [/B]
see pic posted by ACP here to get an idea (we won't get alcantara):
Some personal impressions after finally holding this infamous color chart in my hands. Even though descriptions of colors are like... well, never mind, can't think of a good metaphor. If you didn't get a copy yet, and still haven't made your color choice, see your dealer!

Ardent Red: Looks darker than I expected. I had gotten the impression that it was a fairly light red from some of the pictures. It's a solid, deep red.

Saffron Yellow: Looks darker than ACP's pictures did on my monitor. I might have prefered it a touch lighter. But it's a nice, clean yellow. I can't really see the orangy tone that some people mentioned. From memory, it seems quite comparable to the yellow on a Z06 or ITR.

Magnetic Blue: I'll have to hold it against my car when the sun comes up again, but I believe it's darker than the WRX blue. But a similar character, very nice color.

Aubergine Purple: I don't like purple cars. I think it's ugly.

Aztec Bronze: I thought I might like it after being quite impressed by a couple of orangy/bronze cars. Not impressed by the color sample, though. It almost looks gold. Coughpimpycough.

Racing Green: Not my favorite, but I think the people who chose it looking for something more low key will be very happy. Very tasteful and classy color.

Starlight Black: I normally like black cars if the owner keeps them clean. For reasons that I can't pin down, I don't expect this car to look good in black.

Bordeaux Red: Similar to RG. Not necessarily my thing, but a very good color.

Nightfall Blue: It's dark. I mean REALLY dark. Almost black. I dunno, not my cup of tea.

Storm Titanium: As others mentioned, it's very sparkly, with a lot of texture. Very hard to tell from a small sample how it will look on a car.

Arctic Silver: Well, it's silver. What more can you say.

Chrome Orange: It's slightly metallic, but still looks a bit "flat" to me. The dealer was all excited about the color. Told me how everybody loved the CO Esprit they got, and that he chose it for his own Elise. I'll probably like it, but I wouldn't want it for my own car. It seems like something I could get tired of after a while.

Graphite Grey: Darker than ST, with less texture. Another classy color if you want to keep a low profile.

Krypton Green: I admire the courage of people who order it! :p A small part of me thinks that it might have been an interesting choice.

Sorry about the long post, I hope it helped somebody.
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