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Complete Leather Interior with Seats for Sale

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See my ebay listing...

Leather Interior and Seats for Lotus Elise | eBay

These panels and original seats were used in my 2011 Elise for 2 years. There are a few scars on the center console near the floor which are not obvious. The seats came from the factory with what appears to be some glue spots (you know Lotus). Otherwise perfect. I switched out for carbon fiber and seats with harness holes for tracking the car.

This is a steal! Leather OEM seats are more than $1500 a piece (see attached photo from British Racing Group). This is a complete Lotus Elise interior. The car was absolutely babied, kept in a garage. When I decided I wanted to track it, I needed to swap out the seats for some that were compatible with harnesses. I decided to do a complete interior swap. This does not include the factory seat mounts, and does not include the metallic shifter part in the detailed photo of the center console.


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