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Complete Turbo Kit w/ Greddy Emanage

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This kit came with my car, but I think I am going to try the SC route. This kit has never been run. It has a AiResearch oil cooled turbo, air to water intercooler, all piping, BOV, filter, etc. I am not sure who made this kit, but it seems to be a nice setup and appears to be complete. Asking $3,500 OBO. Text for faster response at 435-730-3222.

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Check out the Greddy emanage ecu. It is a piggy back set up that is run off of rotary pots that adjust your injector timing or ignition at 5 or so preset RPM's then interpolates between them. Crude but, from what I hear, effective.

If I had the money I would grab this just for the hardware and figure out the ECU later. But I'm a turbo guy, not a super guy...
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