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In case you live near Kern County/Lancaster areas in Kalifornia - Video Library - Gas Stations Affected By Substandard Fuel

Gas Stations Affected By Substandard Fuel
Locations Impacted By Fuel Deliveries Made On March 24, 2008
Here is a list of stations that received nonstandard 87 UL gasoline on March 24, 2008 from Kern Oil Refining.

Xpress Liquor -- 925 Flower, Bkfld
H P Go Go -- 430 E California, Bkfld
Stage Stop -- 21000 Golden Hill Blvd., Tehachapi
Mc Farland Chevron -- 100 Sherwood Ave. McFarland
Greg's Petro -- 2322 Grand Street, Delano
H&S Food Mart, Arvin -- 300 Bear Mountain, Arvin
Stockdale Chevron -- 5401 Stockdale, Bkfd
Weedpatch Chevron -- 8100 E. Brundage Lane, Bkfld
Stuart's C Mart -- 500 Norris Road, Bfkld
East Hills Mobil -- 2524 Oswell, Bfkld
S&H Food Mart -- 20917 South St., Tehachapi
Flying J -- 20917 Zachary Dr., Bfkld
Jim Burke Ford -- 2001 Oak St., Bkfld
CA Food Mart -- 1129 Union Ave, Bkfld
HP Go Go #930 -- 699 Wilson Rd, Bkfld
S&A Mkt -- 861 N Central Valley Hwy 43, Shafter
HP Go Go #909 -- 3301 Wible Rd, Bkfld
Allstar Market -- 630 Fairfax Rd, Bkfld
Zee Mini Mart -- 1800 High Street, Delano
1-Stop Market -- 1501 N. China Lake Blvd., Ridgecrest
Quick Stuff #7723 -- 10 Union Ave, Bkfld
Shell Station Hwy -- 99 & Hwy 166 , Mettler
DJ Food Mart 31110 -- 7th Standard Road, Bkfld
Shell Tiger Mart Lerdo Hwy, Wasco
Fastrip #3367 -- 8001 White Lane, Bkfld

Out of Kern County

Lee's Frontier Chevron, Lone Pine
Bishop Creek Chevron, Bishop
Anita's Spirit, Santa Maria
Chevron 10th and I, Lancaster
Henderson Street Chevron, Porterville
Dewars Lompoc
Dewars Golden, Hills/Meredith
Sierra Express Mart -- 508 S Mirage, Lindsay
Take 10 1400 Dairy Ave, Corcoran
Exeter Mini Mart 400 W Pine, Exeter
Star One 13462 E Manning Ave, Parlier
Pilot Castaic
Pilot Kramer Junction
Sierra Mini Mart Plano -- 730 S Plano St, Porterville
Stanley's #1 -- 2959 No. M St, Tulare
Fill and Save, Paso Robles

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You want to talk about contaminated fuel... one of the gas stations here has put diesel in the premium tank 3 times in the year and a half I've been here. Fortunately I never fueled up the Lotus there, but a few friends ran into problems.

Also, if that video was funny or something... yeah, I didn't watch it. Heh.

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Well, I don't live in Kern County (I'm in San Diego County)... but a few weeks ago a fill up caused two P0171 conditions...
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