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Cool Little Flashlight for Your Cig Lighter Socket

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I bought one of these -- very cool.

Cigarette Lighter Flashlight

It's tiny. Stays plugged in to the cigarette lighter, so it's always charged. The light is very cool -- it's an LED, and it puts out a very well defined, round blue light. Amazingly bright!

These are given out with some top-end VWs. I've scoured the internet, and this is the best price available.

It does fit the Elise cig lighter.

BTW, some people had complained that the Elise cig lighter doesn't hold plugs very securely. I used a small tool to bend up the prongs inside the lighter, so anything you plug in stays in just a bit more securely.
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Be careful if you're buying them for other cars. It fits the Elise and my MR2 Spyder, but it doesn't work in my partner's Honda CR-V. Apparently Honda uses a slightly larger diameter socket, so this flashlight doesn't snap in place.
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