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I was checking my coolant level yesterday and it was below the hard to read low mark. After driving it to go top it up the coolant level rose to max... now after it starts cooling down it drops again. :shrug:

So should i add more coolant?

If so what coolant should i use?
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My car's normal cold coolant level is just a slight amount -below- the low mark on the reservoir (the "cold" level mark). When the car is hot the level goes up to about 75% between the two marks. I was a little concerned that this was too low a level, but some investigation on the web seemed to indicate that each car finds a level at or near the low mark and then stays there, even if it is slightly below the mark. What I read was that adding coolant would not help as the car will simply re-adjust back to its own nominal level. That is exactly what I experienced -- I added some coolant, the level was high until after a long drive, then it was back to just below the cold line after the car cooled. This is all my interpretation, so YMMV.

I don't know if that info helps you or not. And by "just below" I am talking about less than 1/4" below the line -- my level almost touches the bottom edge of the line.
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