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Cooling Fan trouble shooting & overide switch

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On my 2007 Exige the cooling fan(s) only turn on with the ac. The temp gauge works and temp does control rpm on engine warm-up.

I have searched the forum and thanks to Sir Lotus I understand the principals of the cooling fan operation. but cannot find a definitive guide to trouble shooting the issue. Is the fan control module or is it not getting a signal

The two cooling fans are fitted beneath the radiator or (with a.c.) condenser/radiator package, and the coolant re-circulation pump is mounted below the header tank. Both the fans and pump are controlled by the engine management ECU using data provided by the engine coolant temperature sensor mounted in the back of the cylinder head.
The cooling fans are switched as a pair, and will operate at half speed (connected in series) when coolant temperature reaches 208°f on rise, and switch off at 201°f on fall.
The fans will also operate at half speed irrespective of coolant temperature if the a.c. is switched on and the compressor is running.
If coolant temperature rises to 217°f, the fans will switch to full speed (connected in parallel), reverting to half speed at 208°f.
The fans will also run at half speed, unless high coolant temperature dictates otherwise, when the a.c. is switched on and the compressor is running, or if the engine management system detects a fault with the inlet air temperature or coolant temperature circuits.
At road speeds in excess of 85 mph (135 km/h), equating to the fan stall speed, all fan functions are switched off.

A trinary switch fitted into the top of the receiver-drier senses the pressure of refrigerant and allows
system operation only within a pressure range of 2 to 32 bar (29 – 464 psi) in order to prevent system damage from too high
a pressure, or from compressor oil starvation damage caused by too low a pressure. A third switching point is
used to engage the two condenser fans at half speed at pressures over 17.5 bar (see also sub-section KH.5).
An additional safeguard is provided in the form of a high pressure relief valve in the condenser inlet pipe, which
opens at 38 - 41 bar.

Can someone explain how to trouble shoot, Is it the fan module not working or not getting the signal from the ECU - ie which terminals to jumper or check for voltage.

Also I would like to learn how to install an override switch to turn the fans on High speed at will (to be used while sitting at the grid on hot days to prevent heat build up)

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check is easy.

To verify if you're getting no signal from ecu or relay is not working just ground pin 63 on the relay unit near the fusebox.

this is the pin activated by the ecu to start the fans. if it start relay is ok and problem is from Ecu /temp sensor, otherwise the problem stay on the relay
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