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A few days ago, in another thread, I had took note as how a certain car dealership had alienated inquiring elise enthusiasts excessively. It appeared that veteran managers had put next generation management in charge without basic training in etiquette and polity.

By all accounts here, the children seemed to have presumed the dealership's prestige, unearned by them, so that they treated each of our ET buddies with hubris, the haughtiest form of dismissive arrogance.

Well, today, I read an article by the historian Victor Davis Hanson
that included the quote:
As the Greeks remind us, pride can lead to hubris and then to Nemesis — on its tragic and ultimate rendezvous with ruin.
Now, don't get me wrong. I have witnessed human nature long enough, so I understand how attractive a quick profit can be to us mere mortals. While there is a premium to be made in many instances, the dealer is also risking that the market will go flat very quickly (as Lotus' historically inherent nuisance problems become notorious and irritating to a whole new generation that needs their car for work as well as play) and then have to discount the cars.

No, here is the point of this thread.

With the above Aristotlian wisdom in mind, we have here a large Nemesis against rotten dealers.

Based on the collective experiences posted here at ET, we have a yardstick against which we may measure our own treatment at other dealers.

Just don't forget how you've been treated.

Then, when the time comes for payback -- and you'll know when -- SMILE. :D

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You are forgetting that the MTV VMA awards this weekend(I hope your not too old to understand what they are:D ) are in the same vicinity of the dealership you mention.

The offpring of the arrogant will most likely be driving the Elises, Lambos, and other enticing modes of transportation around the vicinity in order to entice the audience.

I can hear them now- Hey Justin, Britney just paid me $15K over list to buy one for her husband too be. I let you have this cool bronze one for only $10K over list so that Cameron can have one too.

Outcast- Want a slime green car to go with your outfit? It's only slightly more than you would pay for a few cases of Crystal.
Hurry, caiuse Miss Piggy said she wants to buy it for Kermit.

Paris and Nicole- How about taking THIS on a roadtrip back to LA?

Unfortunately they have not all been granted the wisdom of your years and many of the unenlighted will fall prey to the beckoning of the arrogant.
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