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Criswell folks got back from Birmingham and as we all know, the car is outstanding.... blah blah.

Confirm Lotus 'avoided the issue' of allocations and delivery rate like the plague, saying there won't be anything firm until production is up and running (and stable I guess). This is not unreasonable.

Tom's belief is that the exhausts offer weight savings, no power enhancement per sae but change the exhaust note noticeably. They will be dealer fit and shouldn't affect warranty.

When pressed about MSRP and places on the list Tom (very encouragingly) went off on one!!! In short, he and Criswell management take a VERY dim view of people trying to sell their places and are not playing ball e.g. - "yep, that's the end of the line over there, feel free to join it (again)..."

Tom's sole mission it seems to me is to get customers cars into their hands at MSRP as quickly as possible, hence he has been and will continue to move people up the line when people drop out or play silly buggers with him.

Once again - Criswell are behaving in an exemplory fashion and are to be applauded. Hooray for Tom Skinner and all those dealers continuing to play fair.

Honor is not a thing of the past.

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