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Night and day I tell ya!

Had 2 things to look at. Soft top was self distructing (there is a service bullitan) and a rattle from the rear.

We thought the rattle could either be exhaust rattle or AC compressor. They replaced the exhaust, sound is gone! There was a similar sound, much more quiet and less frequent that was similar to the sound I noticed previously, but the tech told me it was transmission related and actually a notmal sound. Yes, I spoke with the tech, and went for a parking lot ride with him to see if the sound was still there! So it seems the baffles in the exhause have been nown to come lose and rattle. The tech said he could hear mine were doing just that.

It took about 5 hours from drop off to pick up and... they didn't leave my car under the birdpoop powerlines!!! Instead, they WASHED IT!!!
:clap: :bow: :coolnana: :nanner: :nanner2:

Best service I have EVER received from a dealer in my life! My Mazda and Honda experiences couldn't touch my treatment from this visit!

Tranny lube and coolent are my next projects. I may bring it to them to fix for me.

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