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Custom Flat Bottomed Steering Wheel (Installed)

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Had one in my torched Elise and glad another one became available.

James (Yellow99s) on the forum is a custom interiors/fab whiz. He makes these. The ONLY option for a flat bottom wheel that maintains the factor airbag.

He had this extra one and I bought it! Stitching is white to match the interior. The center dial stripe was white to match his car. I bought a $3 jar of orange leather dye on Amazon and hit up the stripe to match my car.

Installed in about 30 seconds. Love it.

'cept the damn airbag light is on so I gotta go to the dealer to get that swiped. Oh well.


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Looks great. That leather dye works well?

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Leather dye works great. Truthfully, haven't driven on it with sweaty hands for a long time to see how it holds up, but hey, hands should be at 9 and 3 right?

It's this stuff: Fiebing's Leather Dye 4 Fl. Oz. (118 Ml) - 27 Colors (Yellow): Sports & Outdoors

It's acrylic and for all intents and purposes, it's acrylic paint. I taped off the sides (black) and just used some artists brushes to paint it on. Covered perfectly, dried quickly and worked great. Keep in mind, it went over white so not sure if someone would need to dye lighter colors over dark, but it was simple and cheap.
I'll let him chime in, but I believe it's welded or riveted.

I belive the oem wheel is a circle that is revited. He rips it apart and re-rivets or re-welds.

Not sure.
that looks really good.. I always wanted one, I just couldn't justify the $ just so i can have it flat :( not to say that if I saw your car in an empty lot, I wouldn't try to steal it lol
It looks great! How is it on the track?
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