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Is having the work done in NYC a must?

Local to me (in NW New Jersey) are:

AM Auto Trimmers in Dover, NJ. They did nice work for my Esprit and the Morgan. I always see BMW convertibles in there getting new tops, also.

AM Auto Trimmers
325 U.S. 46, Dover, NJ ‎
(973) 366-3867 ‎ ·


Maximilian Classics
960 Mt Kemble Ave, Morristown, NJ ‎
(973) 425-1300

These guys do high-end interior restos. Haven't used them myself, but they are quite popular with the classic car crowd around here.


D & R Car Top

943 Tabor Rd, Morris Plains, NJ ‎
(973) 267-7024

These guys did the seats for a Triumph Spitfire for me several years ago. Great work at a good price.


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Thanks for the tips, guys. Northern NJ might be ok.

AM Auto Trimmers sounds promising.

Sorry for the late acknowledgement, I've been ill.
Might wanna try action tire.. Pricey but they do all things custom. They even display thier cars at the NY auto show each year...

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By the way, I am also looking to get some tint work done.
When I was given the name of Lee Berbs and this address I doubted anyone could do a decent tint job on a car that would last any amount of time. I had my car done in 2007 and it is still absolutely flawless. The guy is a perfectionist, there will not be a single speck of dust, air bubble, uneven cut, or anything wrong with the work. The guy takes his time and makes sure everything is absolutely perfect. Also, the guy was really cheap, I paid him double what he asked (I am a perfectionist and can certainly respect when another is at work, especially on something I care about, and the double was less than I expected to pay anyway)

This info is old but give it a whirl and see if any of the numbers work, well worth the drive. As a note, I have no vested interest in his business, and have only used him once, but numerous people from the Jersey Subaru club and Drift Alliance vouch for his quality of work. The one time dealing with him sold me on his quality of work to recommend and use him again if I get another car.

Applied Film Technologies
723/725 Fairfield Ave (rear garage)
Kenilworth, NJ 07033
(732) 595-7070
cell: 973.477.6717
fax: 201.489.0063
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