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hey guys, im looking for options on how to do an led taillight conversion without buying the 06+ led tails. i just cant justify spending $800+ on a set of tails, and have recently wondered what i could do to my current tails (having quite a bit of experience doing both head/tail retrofits, etc.). after coming across this diy, it seems rather feasible, and given my experience with this type of thing, it wouldnt be very hard to do at all (just time consuming)

DIY: LED Halo Tail Lights (S1) -

i am looking at these type of rings for it but of higher quality. (any led guru's please let me know what you think is best)

12V 2W 6CM 3528 SMD 15 LED Car Angel Eyes Headlight Light Ring White -

what do you guys think? worth the try, and make a cheaper, easy diy solution for us 05 guys? just getting interest more or less, so feel free to send me hints, tips, tricks, criticism, etc my way. also looking for a spare light housing i can experiment with, so if anybody has one let me know please.
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