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Custom Ordered APR Front Splitter

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As I found out the hard way this WILL NOT work with a Forced fed or other setup, must be run alone. It is Fiber glass with a carbon Fiber Overlay and includes all mounting hardware as well as the adjustable hangers for the front of the splitter. I Paid $400+ Shipping, Asking $350 shipped.

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will it fit stock exige S? Victor
ehh, I cant say for sure, I wouldnt think so though.
The bottom of the lip is flat, so won't this work if you put spacers in the back?
it an issue with the front fitment, majority of it does not extend past the FF splitter so only 1/4 that shows
I'm not sure I understand why this wouldn't fit underneath a flat Forcedfed spoiler. That is the way Manly mounted his, and APR used his car as the prototype.
Do you have an Elise?
I had mine placed under my Gut splitter.
APR does make one for the exige as well...not sure if it is the exact same dimensions.
This is not the same style as manly's splitter, if you notice the lines contour to the shape of the front of the elise, manley's is just one semi circle the whole way around.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts