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You guys, I got pulled over in the Loti yesterday and so I’m doing a little fund here to help pay off my ticket :ROFLMAO:

I am going to be setting aside time to make a batch of custom spec plaques on lightweight aluminum. I can fit about 12 plaques on my metal sheet in one pass so I’m hoping to do all of the orders at once on a sheet. Would any one like one for their vehicle?

I have standard Colin Chapman signature plates, already made, for $35

Or I can make a completely new spec plate (you customize the three lines of texts to your personal liking), a plaque completely unique to you, for $45

Dimensions: 4.5in x 1.5in (11.43cm x 3.81cm)

Shipping to anywhere in the world is only $2

Feel free to PM me if you’d like to order :)
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