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I won't have the time for track driving for the next couple years, so have decided to sell my 1998 Omni-Fab Cheetah SR-1 race car to someone who can enjoy her. This car is the 2007 SCCA Solo National Championship car in B Modified. Open trailer included with car. Here are the details:

Aluminum monocoque chassis (just like the Lotus). This is the stiffest sports racer chassis in existence, AFAIK. The car is currently a D sports because it has a George Dean 1000 cc GSXR engine package. 170 hp, fuel injected, mild build, low hours on engine. Mid-engine, chain drive, 6 speed sequential transmission integral with the motorcycle engine, just as it comes on a bike.

Taylor/Quaife LSD

Penske triple adjustable shocks, tuned by Mike Leary

Custom wing/aero package consisting of dual element carbon fiber front wing, 4 element rear wing, carbon fiber splitter. It took me 3 seasons to develop this package to the level where it is capable of winning nationals against other well developed cars.

This car is unique in that it can be run as a road race car or autocross car. 10 minutes to remove the front wing and one element of the rear wing is all that is involved in the conversion from autocross to track. There is no other chassis currently running that is a nationally competitive autocrosser and regionally competitive road racer. This car is at minimum weight for B Modified (1020 with driver).

If you've never driven a high downforce car, it's difficult to describe how much lateral acceleration they can generate at speed. For those of you that enjoy autocrossing, imagine driving a medium (or longer) spaced slalom where the limiting factor is how fast you can move your hands - that is this car. This car can be accurately described as scaled down Elise with twice the power to weight, and over twice the lateral acceleration in medium to higher speed corners. If what you enjoy with your Lotus is the feeling of being connected directly to the road, this car will make you think your brain is directly wired to the tire's contact patch.

3 sets Keiser 3 piece wheels with numerous sets of tires, ranging from hardly used to moderately used. Wheel size is 13", tires are 8" front and 9-10" rear in width. A set of new tires is about $800, with 2 sets lasting a full season of autocrossing. A used set is $250, and will last you 2-3 full days at the track.

Electro-pneumatic button shifting on steering wheel. Spare nitrogen tank for shifter.

Spare engine in good running condition.

Cost to reproduce this car would be approximately $50,000+, assuming one could do the R&D on the aero package. New rolling chassis is $33,000.

$35,000 or trade for Elise/Exige. Don't pass up this rare opportunity to buy a top tier autocross car that is an excellent road racer as well.

Car located near Denver, Colorado

Jeff (303) 961-1554 for more info/photos


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