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dechien said:

In combination with very lightweight after market speakers from Blaupunkt (ODx102 replacing the original front speakers and ODx162 replacing the rear ones) and a car radio with powerful equalizer capabilities (best unit today is the Blaupunkt Bremen MP74 with its 108-band EQ
I took a look at the Blaupunkt Bremen owner's manuals. That thing is a lot more sophisticated than the Los Angeles in the Touring pack. Same small amplifier, but very fancy self calibrating EQ with far more bands (27) per channel than the Los Angeles (5). This might be good in the Elise because the main problem with Elise sound quality is the speaker placement in weird cavities behind seats and against windshield. Even a perfect speaker in those locations will sound bad due to acoustic interference.

It's possible that the Bremen's EQ calibration could actually help here. The Los Angeles' 5 EQ bands are way too broad to fix the severe discontinuities in frequency response in an Elise.

Also the Bremen has the ability to actually compensate for exhaust and wind noise with speed increase by sensing the cabin noise. Also theoretically good for the Elise.

Just theory. I may buy one and try it one of these days.

Still probably illegible in sunlight though, and not cheap.
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