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Dear All:

In an earlier thread, Stan had posted what I thought was an amazing concept for a stereo upgrade in the Elise. Here's the link:

This is their reply to my query earlier this morning:

"...the Elise Audio System which you find on my website is only compatible with the MkI version of the Elise and not the Federal Edition. Due to severe supplier problems I decided to not continue sales of this solution.
Nevertheless it might be possible that I will continue sales of a
improved version of the ultra lightweight subwoofer plus an amplifier module. In combination with very lightweight after market speakers from Blaupunkt (ODx102 replacing the original front speakers and ODx162 replacing the rear ones) and a car radio with powerful equalizer capabilities (best unit today is the Blaupunkt Bremen MP74 with its 108-band EQ), you will get excellent results in combination with almost no additional
weight (compared to original equipment). Installation of this combination will be a child's play. If you like to add the exciters to your seats, this is a little bit more tricky as the removal of the seats is a damned time-consuming procedure."

Any thoughts and/or interest on the system described?

- dechien
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