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Dallas Reed’s supercharged 2zz 'streetable' race car

This Elise I bought in 2010. I've put a lot of miles on this car.
I bought it back in sophomore year of college. I wanted something I could drive as a fun street car and potentially turn it into a race car down the road when I decide to get a different daily.

It was a salvage title due to both clams and one side rocker panel getting destroyed in a rear/side swipe. Bought for $17500. All the body work had been fixed already, the front clam was repaired and others replaced. Interior was a bit rough, but overall a steal.

For what its worth, this was the first manual car I ever drove as well. The car was shipped from California to Indianapolis. I drove it from Indianapolis back to Lafayette about 2 hours. I feel bad for the original clutch. I still have it hanging on the wall in my garage.

Of all the cars I have drove this one is still my favorite.

Here is the car as I bought it.
Touring Pack NA 2005
Starlight black with Biscuit interior

First round of upgrades, after owning it a while.
Rota torques 16/17
Yokohama s.drives 205/245. Went through a couple sets
upgraded headlights
lightweight battery
painted calipers
window tint
painted diffuser black

Second round of upgrades. This was after running a couple track days and autocrosses, and getting bit by the bug.
Toyo RA-1 205/245
Tried Porterfield R4s and Raybestos ST43
SSC shifter cable (after braking the OEM one on the street)

Got something else to daily drive.

First round of race car parts
Ethos wheels 15/16
R888s, and RA-1s 205/245
VHT niteshades on the tail lights
BOE NAS toe links
TOC oil pan
Saikou Michi catch cans
Rubbertite floor mats

Second round of race car parts

frp splitter (which didn't make it very long before getting destroyed by road debris)
VF2 TVS900 supercharger kit
custom splitter 3 inch
Tecnocraft T3 seats
Schroth Profi 6pt harness
halotron fire extinguisher
BOE surge tank
Top speed exhaust
CF door panels and center console
Mesh grills

plot of the vf2, bone stock engine and exhaust. Forgot to set the scaling to SAE but it was a hair higher.

Third round
BWR decat
BOE QS exhaust
PPE header
Manley mounts
E153 with quaife LSD

Fourth round (things are getting serious about prepping for national level at this point)
Cut the clams
custom splitter 6 inch
Ethos 16x8/17x9 with 245/275 R888 and A7s
Castrol SRF
BWR Penske doubles
Rear panel delete
PC625 battery
Momo team
replace interior CF stuff with black stock stuff
AEM boost and lambda gauge
Modify surge tank to walbro 400lph
replace broke (again) SSC shifter cable with S111 shifter cable

Fifth round
Bogart 15x11 17x11 with 275 A7
Eliseparts 40mm uprights front and rear
custom wilwood rear brakes with mini cooper rotors
ST-45 rears
EFI X2 standalone
E85 and E85 preinjection
map switch
MWR stage 3 cams
Ferrea valves, dual springs, titanium retainers
Mahle 10.5:1
Eliseparts quick rack
Custom seat covers
custom ciro wing
Ballast to ~2140lbs
stainless brake pistons
BOE floating front rotors
spherical bushings
ball joint refresh
big bore throttle body
MWR underdrive pulleys
custom exhaust

This is the only plot I have saved on my phone from the quick tuning session the Friday before nationals,
We had to 11th hour figure out the exhaust situation as I was too loud. The exhaust I have on the car kills about 10hp-15hp but meets sound.
It was around 300whp when the tune was finished ran all the way out to redline. The blue line was an earier tuning session with a different exhaust.
I am thinking this was 11-12psi

Most recent
AEM oil pressure gauge
CL RC6 fronts
ORE hardtop
Ultradisc front rotors
gurney flap

TVS1320 shoot for the moon
possibly custom pulleys to spin the blower very quickly. Depends how IATs look as this develops.
custom penskes
work on driving
Make shifter less vauge
Get better at tuning

I'm sure I am forgetting stuff. Tried a few things and taken things off. Side scoops, APR wing risers,

Here is a better driver than I running the car on the 245/275 R888 setup

Nationals on the more technical course


because racecar
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Drove some borrowed cars for racing as well
Some of the ones I have the most time with, or most noteworthy to me.

gallardo spyder, I own this car

z51 c7. May end up trading the lambo for one as crazy as that sounds.

REV300 car with nitron singles in aubergine purple, (yes I drive a race car on the street)

dyno of the purple car, boost is on there as well

gen3 viper, this one is 600whp NA

alpha 16

mr2 spyder. Pretty much watered down elise


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tvs1320 compared to tvs900
Don't really like the sharp angle of the inlet so going to try to port it some.

Speaking of porting, my head is not ported. I may get around to doing that at some point, if for some reason the head needs pulled. I've been told I could expect a gain of 10hp or so. Not really sure its worth it at this point.

If some reasonably priced flares end up on the market I may add them, but I am not too concerned with flares at this point.

Otherwise the season went well with no substantial issues except last event of the season the bolts on the intake cam sprocket worked their way out putting up to the start from grid after a run. Two bolts sitting in the oil pan. Two were mangled next to the sprocket. Think it was bad luck. Now that I've talked to a couple engine builders I guess this is a thing that happens sometimes. Welded those suckers in place this time. Valves and pistons are fine.
Appears that the intake is non-interference on the low cam. Exhaust is interference but I guess I lucked out. Leakdown is <8%.


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First event of the season done, went great. Would have been nice to not hit so many cones though. Course was basically slalom after slalom. Not much else when the usable pavement is basically a 2 lane highway with an intersection. New codriver first time in the car with 4 runs set top pax and FTD out of 105 entrants including a few hot shoes and a FSAE car that was more wing than car.

Power situation still getting worked on, still some work to be done in regards to the tune and heat management.
Can make 25psi with the new FI setup, but heat gets crazy at that much boost. Could entirely rework the heat management but probably not needed to get "enough" power.
Too early to say what the final numbers will be for what is actually ran for national level. Have to find that happy medium between the tune/fuel, heat management, and how the car behaves with the power. Have did dyno pulls up to ~370whp dynojet but haven't got too crazy as the tune and fuel situation is not exactly ideal.
I fully expect a cold pull could be done well over 400whp with the tune and fuel sorted at max boost but not exactly realistic given that it will heat soak and lose a lot of power on subsequent. More testing needed. After running this event at ~19psi it may not be much use to have much more power. It was able to spin the 275 a7s, but this was at about 60F on pavement. I expect with a warmer day and concrete there would be more room for getting more power to the ground. Heat doesn't appear to be as much of a problem for the current heat management at 19psi.

Have some oil getting pushed out somewhere, have to get to the bottom of that issue. I would guess it has something to do with making a lot more boost than before.

Boost required to make power is a bit higher than I have seen elsewhere on these forums. I think there is some more work to be done on the tune as far as that goes. Also head hasn't been ported and the very quiet exhaust (supercharger is louder than the exhaust) is probably contributing to back pressure. Also I have been concerning myself with sustainable power over several pulls on a hot car. :shrug:

Planning to rebuild the e153 before spring nationals. Pretty sure the shift forks are toast as everything outside of the trans is correct/ideal as far as I can tell but won't know until I have it apart. Shifting has always been very long throw and vague since installing it.

Going over logs, pulled 1.2G acceleration on course from a roll, didn't log the launches. 1.4g lateral peak. Highest sustained lateral was around 1.2 for about 2 seconds.
Looks like a slot car on course. Drivers need the most work of anything at this point.


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HOLY COW!!! That is one SERIOUSLY fast car!!! Nice work Dallas on the build!!!

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heat management


Other than pre-injection what are you running for heat management? I'd lov to see a dynojet pull.

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Boost required to make power is a bit higher than I have seen elsewhere on these forums. I think there is some more work to be done on the tune as far as that goes. Also head hasn't been ported and the very quiet exhaust (supercharger is louder than the exhaust) is probably contributing to back pressure. Also I have been concerning myself with sustainable power over several pulls on a hot car.

If you need more boost than typical it may suggest an issue with heat management. Do you log your IATs?

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I'll post some pulls and IAT logs once I get going on developing this car some more which should be in the next few weeks. At the least I plan to get the trans rebuilt within the next month. Been tied up with the turbo car for a while now.

In short I suspect and very cursory data indicates that heat management is the bottleneck and I think it is heat soaking into the ~250ftlb range but can make a lot more until it heat soaks.

Its possible that this is completely fine and adequate power even with the heat bottleneck.

I could and might switch to a custom air/water setup similar to my turbo car if I need more power.

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I've been considering them for my C7. I like the balance of the car so not sure I want to change anything.

They're expensive. Similar cost to BBS FI. So I'd imagine they're close in weight? The FIs are really light. I couldn't find the wheel weights on Forgeline's site. I might be getting a Mineral Gray F80 M3 and was thinking about this wheel in black.

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not sure about oil leak, oil had a bit of a green tinge to it which looking on line I guess is not outside of the ordinary with diesel truck oil, I switched from break in oil to mobile 1 5w-40 diesel truck oil before running the last event

think it was just the two lines that come in near the oil filter which have leaked a bit before, they were wet as well as everything else around there, tightened those and some other oil fittings around that location, cleaned everything and will run again and see if it still leaks

there was oil on the bottom of the supercharger as well which was concerning but I think wind just got it up there, supercharger has oil in it from looking in the filler screw

one of the codrivers will be rebuilding the e153 over the next couple weeks
then I am planning on having a local tuner do some work on the tune

logs from the autocross a few weeks back apparently didnt get saved by the ECU which sucks as I was wanting to figure out the IAT situation.
as it stands I am on the fence on that situation about just running it as is or switching to an air water setup similar to my turbo car, once I have some logs and data and such I should be able to get a clearer picture
Also I prefer the simplicity of the air/air setup so I would just as soon avoid switching if possible. Ice water tank would also be 30lbs added in the trunk...

but, as far as a/w goes
a thought would be to go with something like this
Ultimate Drag Racing Water to Air Intercooler
then add the passenger side scoop heat exchanger from a rev400 (which I have acquired one of those for either this car or the turbo car, or I might just sell it if I don't use it)
this would more or less mimic the setup in my turbo car

then maybe a fmic if needed

The IATs on the turbo car were much better than expected at tx2k, even with an hour street driving with a few pulls mixed in, not packing it with ice, never saw it get above 90f on a 75f day. Ice on the strip it never got near ambient with ice repacks between runs
That car has a precision pt1000 intercooler, a ~5 gal ice water tank, 500gph pump, and a heat exchanger that is not massive but is about twice as thick than the rev400 heat exchanger but a bit smaller length/width

revised catch can setup, went to full open system as the saikou cans were pushing oil into the intake, coating the intercooler with oil, and in general not desirable situation


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