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Dan, you rule!! But still no sign of a rollbar, or an SCCA track ready car??

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Can this be true? Those of us looking for a dedicated track car aren't in luck, not even a peep about an SCCA 'racer' or a factory backed race series??

Happily Arno and the the SELOC have given us the bookmark list of everyone we need in the UK to get these parts from, but I was really hoping that a real 'race ready' Elise would be in the pipeline.

Dan, thanks so much for your efforts, and keeping us so well informed on the car as it stands in LA. I'll get to see it on Monday, and ask all my SCCA questions.
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Lotus Motorsport created a S2 190S. This configuration should be what you are looking for.

I'm sure you can get in touch with them.
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