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At ~19,000 miles, my car was beginning to sound like it would simply fall apart on even the smallest of road bumps- the squeaks, rattles, ticks and groans from the dash were beginning to drown out my QS Ti exhaust!

So, I completely uninstalled the dash and padded every interface point (and I do mean EVERY) with adhesive felt. The job took about 3-4 hours, plus a trip to my dealer for replacement pins for the airbag cover.

Total cost: $1.98 for two 8.5x11 sheets of felt, plus $9 for the pins.

This is probably the best investment I've made in this car to date- all the dashboard noises are gone- every last one. It's amazing how much a creaking interior detracts from the "feel" of a car. Of course, all that padding (a few grams worth) should have been factory installed to begin with.
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