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I got some new toys and thought that I would share.
Attached is the Google earth file I generated that shows a little trip that I took on part of some of my favorite roads around here.

Download this file, then rename it to route.kmz, if you have Google earth installed it should fire right up.

The DashDAQ output logs for the GPS needed to be parsed as they were in an odd format, I have a script that I wrote to clean these up for submission to this site for conversion into a kmz file:
GPS Visualizer: Map a GPS data file with Google Earth

PM me if you're interested in this script (vbscript)

There are a few off course excursions, these aren't me, lots of trees around here!

Anyway, if you zoom into the start of the trip (on the left), you can see the spot in the left turn lane where I started logging. This seems to be a very accurate GPS, it wasn't even running in any of the differential correction modes that it supports. The update rate for the unit I got is 10HZ.

Next step is integrating a 3 axis g sensor into the DashDaq. This whole thing being setup mostly for lap timing and data logging.

This did get me to thinking though, seems that I could estimate the GPS data that's missing by evaluating the speed and G meter outputs. Since you can also log the number of satellites that the GPS is reading. So in post processing the data, the number of satellites could be monitored as an indication of coordinate quality.

This doesn't seem too hard, but if anyone out there feels like sharing any of their algorithms, I would be greatly appreciative!

Probably not a whole lot new here, but thought that I would share some fun I had over the weekend!


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