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I want to introduce myself first as this is my first post here. My name is Iain Carmichael and i have just launched a new online community called DAT International which just now is primarily UK based for the moment.

DAT International was started by myself, Iain Carmichael, along with Fraser Gordon. We aim to bring together the best examples of automotive tuning from around the world to one place where we can all share our passion and our hobby together. DAT stands for Distinct Automotive Tuning, as that is our aim, to find the best and most distinct automobiles out there.

From a tuned Toyota Supra or Honda Civic, to a Porsche Gt3 or Dodge Charger, all are welcome here. We hope to be able to bring together all the different areas of the online communities to one place, where we can learn from one another and share our experiences together.

I am trying to organise our first ever meet which is to be hosted in Central Scotland, Glasgow. This meet will be held near the start of next month with the date to be confirmed.

The meeting is to be held in conjunction with:

Toyota Owners Club
MkIV Supra Forum
Scottish VAG
Ferrari Owners Club (TBC)

I would love it if some members of this forum could come along and join us there and support our first meet.

Our site is located here:

Welcome to DAT International

If the admins from here would like us to host a section on our forum for here we would love to run a banner etc for you guys. Just let me know on that one as the section on our forum for other forums should be online soon.

Please note i do not run this forum to make money, so far quite the opposite. The forum is completely free.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,

Iain Carmichael
DAT International
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