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Anytime you have buyers and sellers, whether the sellers are businesses or individuals, there are bound to be disputes. This area has always been available to leave comments on Lotus Dealers. I'm going to open it up a little to allow for feedback on other car dealers and Aftermarket Suppliers. Please keep in mind, the customer is NOT always right. Sellers will tell you that sometimes you just can't please a customer no matter what you do. As time goes on, I would look more for trends than the comments of just one person or seller. Be reasonable.

This is NOT a place to discuss individual members. That will be addressed in a different manner.

These rules apply to the Dealers/Aftermarket Suppliers Feedback forum only-

When posting in this forum, comments should be based on actual contact, negotiations and sales between buyers and sellers. Only the buyer and/or seller may post in each thread. All others will be deleted. Please do not leave comments based on rumors, what 'a friend of a friend' told you or something you 'read on the internet'. Comments of that nature will be removed. If a negative comment is left by a buyer or seller, the other party is allowed to reply to that comment. Please do not turn it into a debate. This is not an area to conduct an argument. Disputes between buyers and sellers should NEVER be played out on an open forum. Please settle it by PM/email/phone/in person. Once a settlement is reached, if you'd like to come back and post the 'result', feel free.

These rules are subject to change as needed.
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