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Dealer just called...

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I just got off the phone with Maplecrest in New Jersey. They needed to know if I wanted the Star Shield. They told me my car was being built next week and I should have it by the last week in September or by the latest, the first week in October. The wait is nearly over! Their demo car came in today and I'm headed down there tomorrow to check it out. I was so excited I forgot to ask what color it was. I was originally #15, but it may have changed slightly. I didn't really ask. I ordered BRP, Touring, LSS, Hard Top, and the Star Shield. So to all of you waiting for your LSS cars, thaey are on their way soon!
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Photos of the CO demo please.

Also, congrats on at least having the knowledge that your car will soon be here.
Ill get pictures out of the CO Demo by this weekend.
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